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Akashic records

What are the Akashic Records?

Having a session accessing your Akashic records is on par with sitting down with the wisest person, who loves you and knows you on a deep level. (Note, the "wisest person" refers to the personified Akashic records and not Sera =).

The Akashic records are the energetic imprint of all things, or put another way, the universe's supercomputer.

You can compare the Akashic records to the universe's internet and a session in the Akashic records as getting access to a juiced-up Google, where you can gain information to help you release negative energies and add more joy and peace into your life. 

Previously, only the spiritual elite had access to the Akashic records during their lifetimes. 

Sera is thrilled to offer you access to the Akashic records, this amazingly powerful once-secret, now during your lifetime. 

Though the term, "Akashic records," may be new to some of you, various cultures actually reference them but via a different name. For example, in the Bible, which Sera grew up reading, the Akashic records is referred to as the Book of Life: 

And I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne, and books were opened. Another book was opened, which is the book of life. The dead were judged according to what they had done as recorded in the books. - Revelations 20:12 (NIV)

The main purpose of having access to the Akashic records during your lifetime is to help you thrive and manifest more love, joy, and abundance in your life.

Specifically, the Akashic records provides you with guidance to help you better understand yourself; let go of anything holding you back; and feel empowered to steer your life in the direction that resonates with your heart. 


How to Prepare for an Akashic Consultation

Akashic consultations are unique, as they are guided by topics and questions raised by you during the consultation.

Prior to the session, identify and write down at least 3 - 4 specific topics or questions you wish to discuss.

  • Carefully frame questions - taking into account your specific desired outcome

    • E.g., the question, “What can I do to strengthen my friendship with X?” may elicit a very different answer from “What should I do regarding my friendship with X to make me the happiest?” The first question assumes that your friendship with X is worth strengthening while the second question leaves open the possibility that perhaps decreasing the strength of your relationship with X may be best to maximize your happiness.

  • Avoid asking close-ended questions such as yes / no or "Should I...?"

    • These questions assume that there is only one "correct" way of doing something. One of the primary aims of the Akashic consultations, specifically, is to empower you to explore, with increased clarity, the nuances of your life and embrace your own powerful role in directing your life path.

  • The process is interactive (unlike a tarot card or psychic reading); you are encouraged to direct the conversation by asking follow-up questions.

  • For questions regarding future potential outcomes - answers are based on current probabilities of outcomes from the present available range of your and others free-will choices.

Here are some examples of general questions and topics you may want to raise:

  • Areas of importance to me now - What's the most important thing for me to know or focus on right now?

  • Life Changes / Transformations - Is it for my Highest Good to move / relocate somewhere or change my life in any other way? Can we discuss my spiritual awakening process? Can we discuss all the different feelings, emotions, thoughts I am having?

  • Well-Being - Any tips / suggestions for my physical / mental / spiritual well-being? 

  • Healing - How can I heal (i.e., stop suffering) from a certain situation, issue, or person? For example, why do I feel stress, anger, or sadness when I think about or see my mother / father / partner / friend?

  • Areas of discomfort - Why do I have discomfort over this particular thing? How do I reduce this discomfort in my life? Why am I having trouble getting over this situation or forgiving this person? Why do I feel so stressed / anxious, and how can I feel less so? 

  • Love Life - How can I find a partner? Why do I always date people who are not right for me? How can I have the most fulfilling relationship possible with my partner? What can I do to reduce the anger and resentment I feel towards my partner?

  • Repeating Patterns How can I stop repeating counterproductive patterns in my life? Why do I keep repeating these patterns, when I know they are not good for me?

  • Dreams - What does this dream mean? Why did I have this dream?

  • Past Lives - How does something in my current life relate to any of my past lives? Can you tell me more about any relevant past lives? Can you tell me about past lives that I have had with this particular person?

  • Career - What is the career path that is most aligned with my life purpose? Can you provide me with tips on what I should do in my career right now?

  • Gifts and talents What are my divine gifts and talents? How can I foster their development?

  • Relationships - How can I have or develop the most fulfilling, harmonious, and love-filled relationships? Can I get guidance on a specific relationship?

Generally, you can ask: 

+What would you like clarified, answered, or released (i.e., let go of)?  
+Where do you need closure? 
+Where do you feel fear or pain? 
+What doesn’t make sense?