"Who am I?"

Have you ever asked yourself this question?
We are taught at an early age to sort things into categories; thus, many of us may wonder what categories we belong in. Initially, it may feel comforting and easy to fit ourselves into a neat little package – defined by our job, religion, race, gender, family, relationship status, children, financial status, etc. But that comfort can morph into unease.
Many of us are sensing that we are more than these categories. We are not just the sum of our experiences, resume, Facebook status, or net worth, etc. We are beautiful, complex human beings who cannot be limited to a “neat little package.”
We are all part of the "category" human race, and each of us is uniquely awesome.
I encourage us all to continue letting go of the need to define ourselves. You will be OK. You are part of the Divine – directly a part of and connected to God. You have a well of inner wisdom and joy that you can tap into more deeply as you step out of that neat, little package and spread out your wings. You may feel disoriented, even unhinged, in the beginning but as you progress, a feeling of liberation and joy will become the new norm. You will look back at this time wondering how you were able to live any other way than in complete bliss and liberation…

In the following newsletters, I will continue to delve into this topic of identity. Stay tuned! I send you much love and light! =)

If you want support and guidance during this process of shedding the need to define yourself and of connecting on a deeper level with your inner wisdom, please email me (info@serahwang.com). I would be happy to provide a loving, supportive environment for you to do so. =)