The Awkward Stage

These past few months have been rough for many of us. We are in the awkward stage of growing, changing, and shifting, and may feel like gangling teenagers, trying to adjust gracefully to our new selves. If you are feeling this way, know that you are not alone and that this change is positive, though at times, it may feel like you’re going backwards.
You may notice that a lot of “gunk” has come up from the past – things that you felt you had already dealt with and let go. But know that if this has happened, it’s just a gentle nudge from the universe that you may have missed a spot. Be gentle and forgiving with yourself, as that’s fine. No worries. Just address the situation or issue now.
In our society, while we are encouraged to clean our physical bodies on a daily basis, we are not taught to embrace the process of cleansing and purging ourselves on the spiritual, mental, and emotional levels, on a regular basis. What many of us currently are going through now is a spiritual cleansing of sorts.
Debra Katz, in her book, You are Psychic, states the importance of the cycle of creating and destroying. While we are great at creating many things, we often forget to purge or release those things that we no longer want or need. She states, “The truth is, many times (but not all) you won’t create what you ultimately crave in your heart until you make a leap of faith and destroy what is no longer serving you so that something that will serve you can move in.”
This all relates to our identity – as many of us are shedding thoughts and beliefs that used to be a critical part of our identity. My message today is:  Yes, it may feel scary as we shed things we have tightly held onto for so long but know that there is an amazing beacon of abundant love within you already that you are learning to tap into fully. While we may be so used to turning outwardly to find acceptance, worthiness, and love, the "New You" will become familiar with this inner beacon of acceptance, worthiness, and love.
Right now, it may feel like your security blanket or road map for life was taken away from you, abruptly. We may feel unable to lean back on our identity to define us. But be assured that you are getting a new, improved YOU. One that is strong from within and enjoys love and acceptance that cannot be taken away. 
A lot of what is being purged right now are those thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that have reinforced the previous status quo, that convinced you that you are not enough and that you need to prove yourself to get unconditional love and acceptance. I hope that in seeing the light at the end of the tunnel or, put another way, the purpose of this process, you will gain joy in the now, as this growth is happening.

If you want support and guidance during this process of shedding that which you do not need and of connecting on a deeper level with your beacon of love and acceptance, please email me ( I would be honored to work with you. =)