Cultivating our Inner Compass

Many of us may be confused about where we are headed. We may ask ourselves:  What is our purpose in this lifetime? Why are we here? What should we be doing? While I provide guidance on these questions during healing sessions, my greatest passion is for all of us to know that we have an inner compass we can turn to on a daily basis for guidance, and to cultivate and cherish this inner compass of ours.
You may be wondering, what is an inner compass? Our inner compass is the sense of knowing we have within ourselves, even if we cannot rationalize or justify that feeling. It is our connecting with ourselves, to the deeper parts of our heart and soul beyond the constant stream of thoughts, feelings, and emotions that, at times, overwhelm us. It is the calm underneath all that, which is often unseen and unrecognized. Those who have a strong inner compass can stand strong in their values, convictions, and decisions, regardless of any criticism or doubt (including self-doubt) that they may face. They have a strong sense of self.
The key about an inner compass is that it springs forth from within you. When you remove all the junk that is clogging your line of communication with yourself (and the Divine within you), you connect with your inner compass more directly.
For example, we can cultivate our inner compass by connecting with our heart more deeply. In doing so, we learn what we really want and desire in life. This requires us, however, to wade through the parts of our hearts that feel pain deeply and may even have shut down temporarily due to the intensity of the pain - and then to reawaken these sleeping parts. This reawakening may require us to feel that lingering pain once again as it resurfaces and then is released. (As this can be intense, I am here if you wish to work with me through this process.)

It may include forgiving those who have cut into the core of our heart and forgiving yourself for allowing that to happen to you. Note, forgiving is not the same as being complacent and accepting ongoing abuse or hurt. It’s about letting go of the heaviness and easing the hold that the pain still has on you and in your life, even years after what had caused the pain occurred.
It may feel frightening to look at what rage may appear as you explore the deep crevasses of your heart. Perhaps you may feel like an ingrate and a horrible person because you sense you have resentment and hatred for those whom you love the most in the world, so you shy away from exploring that area of your heart. The inner compass, however, needs all its pieces to be well-calibrated to work properly, so you need to clear that area out eventually, when you are ready. Even in sensing how you may feel, you are making great strides in recalibrating your inner compass.
In exploring what is going on with you internally, you will begin to feel your inner truth – essentially, what resonates with you, what feels good, and what does not feel so great. You can more easily let go of opinions about what you need to be doing in order to be accepted and loved – as you begin relying on your inner compass for your sense of self, love, and acceptance, and not the external world. In shifting your center / base to within, you will naturally emanate outwardly the love and acceptance you connect with from within and, as a positive side-effect, spread your light to others, including your loved ones. Keep this in mind if you feel guilt in exploring anger and other toxic feelings towards loved ones during the calibration process - as eventually you will be able to love them more freely as you let go of your pain.
You will begin to sense as you connect more deeply with your inner compass, that your life purpose is not so much how you are defined within society but about how happy and connected you are with yourself. Thus, deepen your connection with yourself as you cultivate, cherish, and gain guidance from your inner compass. Then you will be able to answer the following questions more confidently in the affirmative:  Am I aligned internally? Do I feel self-empowered? Even if I don’t know the exact path ahead, can I at least sense the next step ahead of me? Can I take that step confidentially and securely? Remember, the path to your desires / goals / destinations are made up, collectively, of many steps. Take it one step at a time.


If you would like to work with me in exploring what is within the deep crevasses of your heart and to clear out anything toxic, including lingering pain and hurts, please email me ( I would love to provide you with a space of light and love as you take this courage step forward!