Transcending chaos and fear

Check out this video on three tips on how to deal with the chaos that is happening all over the world. If you'd prefer to read the tips, see below for the written version. I hope these help you during these times of much chaos.

with much love - Sera

Transcending Fear and Chaos

Right now, there’s so much chaos happening in the world. Everywhere you turn, you can hear news stories about people being killed for no good reason – actually, usually for hateful reasons. Here are three tips to help you deal:

1) Stay Centered

Rather than connecting to your feelings of sadness, fear, frustration, and anger, ground yourself. While you may wonder how this helps, it brings calm, clarity, and a clear head to a chaotic situation. In this place of being centered, you will be in a good place to ask questions and make decisions on how you react to this chaos. Some great ways to center yourself are to focus on your breathing – breathing in for 5 seconds and out for 5 seconds – or getting a high from running or doing yoga.

Another thing to remember is, you are not your thoughts and feelings. Given that, you are free to let go of any thoughts or feelings that you don’t want to keep. To make it even more powerful, you can imagine that you are breathing in love and light and breathing out any negative feelings and thoughts that you want to release.

2) Honor Your Feelings and Thoughts

That being said, though, Honor your feelings and thoughts. One positive to all the chaos is that it is breaking up the status quo / complacency many of us had – and awakening us to realize that change is needed. So let’s celebrate this. I believe when we look back at this time in history, we will see how pivotal it was in awakening many of us to injustice and prompting us to take action.

See what comes up and challenge yourself to clear any deeply held beliefs that no longer serve you or are aligned with reality of what is happening. This may include thoughts and feelings regarding race relations / discrimination, police brutality, gun control, terrorism, the LGBT community, Muslims, immigration / refugees, etc.

3) See & Seek the Positive

We can see the positive within this chaos. Many things previously hidden are coming to light, and people are coming together, wanting change. Unfortunately, even those who want to understand and help remove discrimination and hatred in this world may have not truly grasped the depth of the problem.

Remember to stay positive, including in our actions. While some of us may feel compelled to do something while feeling this anger and fear, we need to act in love. If we act in revenge (which is centered in hatred) - even with “good intentions,” we only are increasing hatred in this world.

Though we may not feel it, know that we are all connected. We are all children of God / the Divine or from the same Source. Of course, that means, act in love in whichever way you choose to react; that can be by signing a petition demanding change, engaging in a peaceful protest, or holding space and love for all via meditation and prayers.


Lastly, remember that nothing lasts forever. When there’s a storm, however bad, remember that it will eventually end – and at the end, there will be a beautiful rainbow of hope. I hope these tips have helped you and that you have a wonderful day.