How to be the Entrepreneur of your Life

I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur. It sounds so sexy - to forge your own way in the world and do your own thing. You are the boss of you. 

Well, a couple of years ago, I fulfilled my wish when I co-founded a chemistry R&D company. Below are three life lessons I learned from my experience, which can be applied to being entrepreneurs of our own lives.

1. Embrace Change

I learned a great deal from my experience – perhaps because it required me to constantly deal with change and the unknown, however begrudgingly. I felt scared and stressed as I felt like I was flying by the seat of my pants and didn’t know how or where I would land. But despite my fears, I continued to forge forward and put myself out there. I did not pretend to be fearless but – at the same time – I knew that I could not let my fears control me and limit my life.

2. Face your Fears
That being said, face your fears. Examine your fear - Is it a helpful fear that is a signal from your intuition (e.g., move your hand away from the hot stove) or a fear that holds you back due to reluctancy to change? With practice, you can learn to distinguish the type of fear you may be feeling. Moreover, as you continue to face your fears, you will realize how very few fears ever materialize and thus fears are often scarier than taking action.

3. Take Ownership of Your Life
By embracing change and facing your fears, you begin to knock down the virtual walls that you built around yourself to be safe. You begin to realize that instead of keeping yourself safe, you were limiting your life choices and paths. Soon you will feel freedom and exhilaration in roaming new areas, to explore what feels right to you. You are empowering yourself to be the entrepreneur of your life - to take ownership of your life!

Akashic Records Can Help You

When I was starting the chemistry company, Google was one of my main 'go-tos' for answering my many questions. When I transitioned into the spiritual field, I was amazed to find that I had gravitated to the spiritual equivalent of Google, the Akashic Records. The Akashic records are the energetic imprint of all that has ever occurred, and in your own Akashic records, you can ask for guidance on any topic you wish. 

I personally gained so much understanding and knowledge from the Akashic records, including on topics and questions that had really bogged me down, such as how to let go of anger towards someone who was not nice to me, how to worry less, and even step-by-step instructions on how to transition to my spiritual career. Moreover, I began seeing the world through the lens of love and light rather than from the place of my own fears, worry, and "muck." I began feeling more empowered in my life and uplifted. 

Take Action

It's time to take action in becoming empowered as the entrepreneur of your life, and feeling freedom in exploring unchartered territories. That being said, I'd love to work with you via the Akashic records as I believe they can help you as much as they have helped me. =) To learn more, please email me at