Self-Care / Self-Love

Most of us are caring people and enjoy helping others. Let’s face it, we are amazingly loving, beautiful souls. =) But we’re also tired, really tired, and sometimes even burnt out. We often de-prioritize ourselves so when we finally get around to taking care of ourselves, our gas tank is near empty.

Below are three thoughts on this situation:

1) Treat Yourself WellLet’s switch up the saying, "Treat others the way you want to be treated," to "Treat yourself the way you want to be treated." While this may seem obvious, do we really adhere to this philosophy? One easy example of how we don’t is with our negative self-talk. Would you be friends with someone who spoke to you the same way you talk to yourself? Here’s some common negative self-talk:  "Man, why did you do that?!? Are you stupid? What is wrong with you! Now everyone thinks you're an idiot. Actually, everyone now KNOWS you're an idiot." (I’ll discuss tips on how to address negative self-talk in the next blog.)
Thus, this week, I encourage you to be more mindful of how you treat yourself and open yourself up to solutions on how to treat yourself better. If in doubt of where to start, you can focus on how you speak to yourself.
2) Stop Judging Yourself – We place a lot of pressure on ourselves. Thus, as we begin to treat ourselves better, we may, in the process, feel like we’re neglecting others and thus judge ourselves even more harshly than we normally do. For example, if you decide to take a bubble bath rather than do something on your long to-do list, you may feel incredibly selfish.
When you feel as if you’re judging yourself, you can always pause, step back from the situation, and take a few deep breaths. Breathe out the judgment and breathe in love. Then close your eyes and imagine the various possibilities, without judgment. Feel the emotions and thoughts that you and others involved may have in the various possible alternatives. Then see if you then have a better sense of what is the best bathway (j/k - I mean, pathway) for you.
3) Start Manifesting (Law of Attraction)
The “Law of Attraction” is a hot spiritual topic, as is manifesting abundance and prosperity in our lives. Though we may often feel powerless in manifesting “prosperity” and “abundance,” we actually have incredible power and the ability to start the manifestation process right now by investing in ourselves.

This can be by taking small steps (that add up to cover a large distance) towards loving yourself more. It then becomes a snowball effect, where when you feel more love and joy in yourself, you begin to attract, and thereby manifest, more of the same from others. That being said, take the first step in manifesting what you desire by treating yourself the way you want to be treated.
I hope this helps you be more gentle, loving, and kind to yourself. Also, know that as you begin to create more love and joy in your own self, your loved ones will feel that love and joy as well. =)