We often discount the role that our perspective plays in a situation. Every once in a while, however, we are gifted with moments of great clarity (albeit slightly embarrassing!) on how powerfully our perspective (including its underlying assumptions) influences our picture of the world.

For example, once while walking down the street, I saw a girl stare at me intensely from inside a store, with a look on her face like she thought she was better than me. As I grew angry, wondering who she thought she was, as it wasn't cool to look at people that way and I would never do that, I realize – with a jolt – that the girl was actually me or, more accurately, my own reflection. With that realization - and dramatic shift in my perspective, I let go of all my negative judgments and assumptions about her. Go figure. =) 

Below are three tips on how to "play" with your perspective to gain greater peace of mind, joy, and love in your life:

1. Practice shifting your perspective

I encourage you to practice shifting your perspective by modifying the assumptions that shape your perspective. We all have assumptions that shape our perspective, and even if most of society agrees with these assumptions, it is important to acknowledge that these are assumptions and not always fact.

For example, in the two pictures above, which are of the same room, I look like a giant in the left picture while “normal” size in the right picture. Even though I knew that these pictures were illusions, I still kept seeing myself as a giant in the picture on the left because I continued to assume that the room was the way I am used to a room being (i.e., with walls of equal height, doors of equal height, and square floor tiles of equal size). While here it is obvious that my assumptions were incorrect, often times we need to delve a bit deeper into our perspective and respective underlying assumptions to see if they are ones that we wish to keep.

Another way to shift your perspective is to understand that your reactions to various circumstances are not fixed in stone. Your assumptions shape how you react. Thus, we can shift our understanding of a situation merely by modifying our assumptions, or put another way, the size of the walls, door, and floor tiles in the situation; in doing this, certain things in our lives may appear smaller or larger than they currently do. While I say this somewhat in jest, I also am very serious. Try this, and see how it works for you. Understand how powerful you are in creating your own perspective, and explore shifting it to increase peace of mind, joy, and love in your life.

2. Understand that we all have different perspectives from one another

I used to assume that everyone shared my perspective or, put another way, thought similarly to how I think, and thus must have known that their actions would affect me as they did. But I see now that we each have a unique perspective and, often times, as evidenced in my anger towards my own reflection, we are not very self-aware. Thus, I encourage you to recognize this in yourself and in others. In doing so, perhaps you may feel called to communicate your feelings more explicitly or take someone’s action/words less personally. This is separate and distinct from whether or not you agree with how they act towards you or choose to accept that in your life. Moreover, recognizing these insights are not for the benefit of others but for your own benefit, specifically, to feel greater peace of mind in your life.

3. Default to place of love

Even if you cannot understand your or someone else’s perspective completely, know that you are powerful and still can modify your perspective. While honoring your feelings, practice defaulting to a place of love – whether it be a place of self-love, love for others, or both. Remember that we are all interconnected, so in choosing self-love, you are still increasing love for all.


That being said, one means to gaining additional perspectives to relationships and other situations and issues in your life is by having an Akashic reading. Please email me if you’re interested in booking a session or learning more about what a session may entail. =) Also, please feel free to check out my website to learn more about a session in the Akashic records.