Purposeful Discomfort

In the 1980s, there was an experiment to create the perfect human living environment within a Bio-Dome in the desert. The Bio-Dome contained purified air, purified water, filtered light, plants, and animals. Everything was well except, once trees grew to a certain height, they toppled over.

The scientists finally realized that the trees fell due to lack of wind in the Bio-Dome. Wind strengthens trees by blowing against them. In response to wind, trees bend, sway, and strengthen and deepen their root systems; this strengthening in turn supports the trees as they grow taller.
Discomfort is part of the growth process

Many of us shy away from anything that makes us uncomfortable. Yes, discomfort sometimes alerts us to a dangerous situation – such as taking our hand off a sizzling hot stove. But at other times, discomfort has a purpose in our growth and development that we can embrace. We often feel discomfort when faced with change and transformation; you can find comfort in this. =) 

That being said, I encourage us to use our discernment in understanding the root cause of our discomfort and whether or not this discomfort is actually part of the acceleration of our growth and development.

Right now, many of us are undergoing a process in which we are examining our current values, beliefs, and perspectives on life, including all the underlying assumptions in all that. This may feel incredibly disconcerting, uncomfortable, and even downright painful at times. Know that you are not your values, beliefs, and perspectives – so whatever you are questioning or letting go of right now is not a part of the essential you, the “you” that is deeper than the labels, roles, and stereotypes placed upon you. That “you” is already fully connected to God and worthy of all love, joy, and peace of mind that you desire.

Adapt, Grow, and Enjoy!
Moreover, many of us currently are at the stage where we are feel like trees swaying with the wind blowing against us. Though we may not be certain that our tree roots are strong enough to withstand the wind, know that the wind is actually helping our growth and that we are strong enough. Have faith that this discomfort is not for naught, especially if you make that your intention and consciously grow your roots deeper and stronger.

Here is a picture of a tree that is teaching us a lesson - that we can always choose to adapt and continue to grow. This tree sprouted right back up, aimed straight to the sky, even after its trunk became bent, aimed straight to the ground. Thus, rest assured that you too can choose to make difficult times, including when you feel discomfort, an opportunity for growth. (This picture is of me at Eno State Park, in Durham, NC.)

Moreover, along your life journey, I encourage you to enjoy listening to the rustle of the leaves and swaying happily with the wind. Soon, you will grow taller, supported by the work you are doing now.


That being said, if you’re interested in accelerating your growth and development in a loving, supportive environment, please contact me (sera@serahwang.com). I would love to have a session with you, to help you explore your values, beliefs, and perspectives and provide additional clarity for you during this transformative time.

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I send you much love and light! =)