Triumph Over Fear

I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” – Nelson Mandela
I love this quote from Nelson Mandela, as he acknowledges that while we all feel fear, we can triumph over it. Below are some suggestions on how to do so.
(1) Face your Fears
First, I encourage you to get comfortable with your fear. Move towards it, confront it with calm recognition, and breath in it; do this as a detached observer. Then release your fear, which can be via your breath or grounding ( for a guided grounding meditation), as it does not belong to you nor is part of you.
If we do not acknowledge our fear and instead ignore it, the fear is still there and usually underlies our subsequent actions. It then can creep up on us when something a bit negative happens; that’s typically the cue for our fear to return in full force, front and center, saying, “I told you so!” and then hitting us with a tornado of fearful thoughts. Thus, it is key to face your fears. Also, when we face our fears, we begin to build great courage to act, as our fears rarely actualize and usually are irrational.
While our fear sometimes serves a purpose of signaling danger to us, nowadays, the part of our ego / mind that creates our fear has gone haywire, is overactive, and is not particularly on point. We can explore if any part of our fear serves a useful purpose but should be mindful of maintaining our power and independence from fear when doing so, as fear – if we allow it – easily can deplete our energy, take away our joy, and taunt us.
(2) Act Despite Fear
I encourage all of us to move forward towards our dreams and goals in life (e.g., more love and joy), despite our fear. We should use our dreams and goals as a compass to direct our actions and understand that our dreams and goals are greater than – and triumph over – our fears. Many of us do this on a daily basis – for example, we act beyond our fears to protect and show love to our children and other loved ones, as our love for them triumphs over our fear. (I sense that we do not do this as much for ourselves – in being bold so our self-love triumphs over our fears. Thus, please continue engaging in boldness, especially for your own personal dreams and goals.)
Being bold is about taking deliberate steps towards your dreams / aims, while understanding the calculated risks. Rather than letting fear overwhelm you into inaction, I encourage you to be clear-headed in gauging risk versus rewards (e.g., your dreams and goals) and move forward when you feel there is an ideal balance (for you) between the two. We can blend our analytical side by listing various pros and cons, with checking in with our intuition to sense what feels right to us as well.
(3) Act with an Open-Heart
Lastly, I want to encourage you to act with an open heart (we often close our hearts out of fear). The Universe will reward you for your openness, and you will gain greater joy and love and find a deeper engagement with life as a whole. I’ll write more on this next week. =)


I send you much love and light! =)

If you’re interested in facing your fears in a loving and supportive environment, with a session with me, please email me I would be happy to collaborate with you. =)