Free yourself from labels

2017 is a year of action / movement / manifestation. That shifting may feel uncomfortable - but I encourage us all to embrace that discomfort as part of the growth process. While 2016 was a year of contemplation, during which many of us wondered when things would happen, this year is one of great movement and shifting, so buckle up!

One huge shift we can explore is from within. How do we define ourselves, others, and our world in general? Moreover, how does it feel to free yourself from definitions and labels? Perhaps slightly terrifying but also exhilarating? The Universe is supporting you to explore the boundaries of your world - including if those boundaries are real or just an illusion that prevents you from progressing forward. Choose to explore more in this adventure called life! =) 


I recently moved back to the NYC-NJ area. As I reflected on how much I have changed since I last lived in the area, I began asking myself – Who am I? How do I define myself? 
I then sensed the message below that I’d love to share with you:
You do not need to define yourself. When you do, you confine yourself within the limits of that definition. You are more than your age, body size, bank account, education, job, familial role, possessions, etc. By trying to define yourself, you are limiting your life perspective and the breadth of possibilities you can envision and manifest in your life.
Free yourself from labels. Rather, know that you are already loved and accepted – as the desire to define yourself stems from the desire to fit in and to be loved and accepted.
Readjust your life view. You no longer need to play by what you think are society’s rules. You can carve your own path for yourself and find love and acceptance right where you are, right now. You no longer need to search for what has always been a part of you and is readily available to you.
When I wondered how I could relate to people when I do not know how they fit into my world, I sensed the following message:
Now is not the time to divide – but instead is the time to celebrate one another’s uniqueness, genuineness, and authenticity. We can unite by celebrating our collective freedom and consciousness, especially as many of us are beginning to let go of labels / definitions.
In addition, we often feel the need to define our feelings, however, we do not need to do so. We can have self-awareness of our feelings and then practice letting go of our need to label / define our feelings, ourselves, situations, and/or other people as good or bad, right or wrong. 
I sensed reassurance in letting go of the need to define and/or label things in our lives:
Essentially, definitions and labels are useful to understand something more quickly. But many of us have used them to shape / limit our vision of life itself. We, essentially, have lost perspective by viewing definitions / labels as not just a guide or a means to an end but as the end all, be all. 
In letting go of the need to define and label, you are readjusting your life view, which may feel awkward at first. It may feel like the world is upside down, inside out. You may have ups and downs, some days in which the transition will feel easier than others. But that is normal – keep on the path to liberation and fulfillment. You soon will feel yourself soaring!