Accept rather than earn love

A common message arising during my Akashic readings is that we are all – including you - loved and worthy of love and acceptance. While that sounds fairly cheesy, it’s worth repeating as all of us fail to truly believe and accept that message.

We all have access to unconditional love but first must embrace the fact that we are worthy of this love. Contrary to what we may tell ourselves and/or hear from others, we do not need more money, more friends, a lover, a ‘better’ job, a ‘better’ body, or to do more, in order to be accepted and loved.
Yes, it’s great to choose the direction in which we wish to lead our lives – to aim higher, reach just beyond our grasp, push ourselves, lean in, etc., but getting to a certain goal or level does not make us worthy of a life of fulfillment. Our ‘doing’ and ‘having’ are not prerequisites to love and acceptance. Rather, the pathway to these beautiful gifts is recognizing that just ‘being’ you is sufficient.
This concept is so simple yet complex. Getting to this point of acceptance is a process but here are some signs that you are on the right track:
1. You focus on what brings you joy and happiness. 

You stop buying into the belief that you need something outside of yourself to unlock your joy and happiness, and in turn, you begin to connect more deeply with your intuition / Higher Self. You see that you have a choice to choose your own path, one that brings you great joy and happiness, even if it defies reason, expectations, or societal standards of success and happiness.

You are guided by your inner compass (i.e., your intuition), march to the beat of your own drum rather than to someone else’s, and feel liberated by this new way of life, even though you may feel a bit awkward in this new energy initially.
2.  What others say or do does not affect you.  

You begin to see that what others say or do does not reflect your worth or value, and in turn, their actions are about them – not about you. It becomes easier for you to heal from past hurts that you still carry with you, as rather than focusing on who is at fault or what you could have done differently, you can tap into the never-ending supply of love available within you to heal yourself and wash away those hurts. You eventually can direct that love from within to forgive those who have hurt you.
3.  You stop waiting for certain conditions to be met and more fully cherish the present moment. 

You recognize that life can be fulfilling now, not just when you get or are the perfect _________ (fill in the blank). You stop waiting and start being present and enjoying life more fully.


Life provides opportunities for us to experience ourselves – to see what is within the folds of our brain, layers of our heart, and depth of our soul. Have peace and security in knowing that and that life is not about proving yourself. You’re already at your final destination. Now do what you need to do in order to enjoy the view. Namaste. =)


Our growth and evolution includes a process of relinquishing antiquated ideas of earning love and acceptance. It often helps to have some guidance and a safe space during this shedding process. If you're interested in allowing me to provide you with such a space, please email me at