Releasing the Need to Solve the Problem

Our society encourages us to be problem-solving machines. We spot issues / problems and then solve them, easy peasy. While at times that strategy is very useful, other times we may be trying to draw water from a dry well. I encourage you to use your intuition to decipher when to refrain from trying so hard to “solve” a problem.
Let’s face it, we want to be in control of our lives. Slapping a solution to a problem makes us feel powerful and in control. While it’s great that many of us feel empowered to address problems in our lives, know that the flipside of that concept is that we may feel overwhelmed, burdened, and stressed. In addition, we may feel powerless when we cannot find a good solution to our problems.
Know that we do not have access to all the available information and thus, when we force a solution for a problem, it may not be the most ideal. We limit our available solution set to that which is within our knowledge base rather than to the Universe’s unlimited well of information. In addition, if we strain to find a solution, we may even - perhaps subconsciously - distort things in order to have them fit our limited solution set.
What I am not encouraging is for you to stick your head in the sand for every problem you encounter. Rather, I am specifically addressing issues / problems that we want to solve but sense that there is no good solution available to us at the present moment. Be patient and open to letting that situation be, but you do not have to remain inactive. If you feel so-called, ask / pray for solutions, work on shifting your perspective to decrease the impact of a situation to yourself, and/or actively choose to take a break from problem solving, etc. Just be sure to follow your intuition on what is best for you in the present moment.
Essentially, you are not a failure if you do not solve every problem in your life. Rather, you are becoming wiser and allowing things to unfold in divine timing and possibilities. You are flowing with the Universe rather than resisting it. Namaste.


Sometimes when we are so up close to a problem, it is hard to gain perspective and see the nuances. What I love doing is empowered you to gain additional perspective on a situation, so you can better gauge for yourself what is best for you and your life. This can be by providing a safe space for you to explore, asking you questions to help you delve in deeper to your psyche, and being a sounding board. If having this support resonates with you, please feel free to schedule a session with me by emailing me at Thanks! =)