We’re currently in a state of recalibration. Many of you have done much work in clearing and healing yourselves, and now you are at the next step of your journey, which is to recalibrate your center and develop a new foundation. As you have chipped away at and cleared past hurts, resentments, confusion, anger, etc., you are no longer the same person you were before. Therefore, now you have to adjust yourself ... to the new you.
Right now, it may feel disconcerting to many of you, as you may feel things more intensely and past issues are resurfacing. All this is to help with the recalibration process. In order to find your new norm or balance, you may go back and forth almost like a compass before settling into your new state of being. 
For example, I have worked on being assertive yet respectful and recently, have had various situations arise where I had to stand up for myself. A barrage of emotions related to my past hurts, of feeling shut down, berated, and rejected for standing up for myself, came to surface. While I felt overwhelmed, I also sensed that I am no longer the scared little girl who might get hit or berated for speaking up for myself. I sensed that all the work I had done was being utilized. In the various situations that arose, I spoke up for myself and felt good. I sensed that I was recalibrating so that as similar situations may arise, I am strengthening the connection with my new self rather than the remnants of my past hurts / pains. (My neural synapses were reorganizing.)
As humans, we may focus on the swings back and forth and feel frustrated, confused, and exhausted. We may feel like we are moving backwards, even though we have worked so hard to grow and evolve and stretch ourselves out of our comfort zone. But have faith and trust, knowing that all is good. You just may be readjusting or recalibrating yourself after much clearing. Hopefully, through this process, we will continue to recalibrate ourselves to our optimal state, in each present moment. That can be our new norm. =)


My purpose in going into the spiritual field is to help you recalibrate and readjust as you heal, grow, and evolve. It may feel scary to go through this process alone, so I am here to provide a safe space for you to explore and grow. My primary passion, though, is to help facilitate your process of recalibration so that you can feel empowered to hone your own inner compass (i.e., intuition). If you wish to explore what may be going on in your life right now and want someone to help you gain perspective and understanding during the process, please let me know. I am here to provide support (