Spiritual Personal Training

Many of us feel that we have little control over how we react to certain situations or people. We may tell ourselves, “that’s how I always react, it’s part of my personality, I can’t change” or, on the flip side, “I’m a changed person after X happened, and now I’ve become this way and I can’t go back to who I was.” We also may think that if our reaction is a common response to that particular kind of situation, then it’s okay if we don’t feel in control.
But know this - you are capable of gaining greater control over your reactions and responses. 
Similar to how we train our physical bodies to become more flexible, stronger, and more resilient, we can train the mental, emotional, and spiritual parts of ourselves. For example, we can practice / exercise where we place our attention or how much weight we give to our mind-chatter. (Note, it helps if we view meditation more as a reminder that we have a choice in where we place our attention rather than as another situation in which to judge ourselves for not achieving the goal, in this case, having a completely clear mind).)
While training may not always be easy, know that you can do it. You can make a change. Don’t believe that voice in your head telling you that you can’t – that things are “stuck at suck.” That's NOT TRUE.
As you may not expect to be able to hold a plank pose all day long or to be able to do a split – ever - but still feel better after working out (i.e., you no longer feel completely out of breathe while running halfway around the block), remember that you may not become a Zen master or enlightened after meditating a few weeks and that’s fine. Even engaging in the mere act of exercising shifts the momentum from reactive to proactive. You will become more limber, resilient, and equipped to adapt to whatever comes your way.
It may feel a bit overwhelming to know where to start or to do it alone. That’s what has motivated me to offer the Luminary Program and its Foundation Course, where I can work with you 1-on-1, essentially as a spiritual personal trainer, to help you determine which spiritual practices and strategies work best for you and your life. I’m starting the Foundation Course in July 2017, so please email me @ info@serahwang.com if you’re interested in signing up. Click here for more details.