Hitting the Reset Button

Hitting the Reset Button

A few days ago, a complete stranger asked me a question about myself that felt very confrontational. The question essentially went along the lines of, "How are you even able to do / be [something cool] if you are [something not so cool]?"

My initial reaction was to answer her question, essentially to go along the path that she had set before me. 

But instead, I hit the reset button.
I gave myself permission to step back and evaluate the situation. In doing so, even for a second, I quickly shifted from feeling defensive to empowered. I no longer felt hostage to the agenda of the other person, who may not have my best interests in mind. 

I did not directly answer her question – as I chose not to accept her assumptions about me that were underlying her question. I did not accept HER take on ME and realized that her actions were about her (not me).
Of course, this is easier to see when the other person involved is a complete stranger. But it also applies to those close to us because everyone - included our nearest and dearest - has their own filters on their perception of the Universe, including how they view and interact with you. Thus, all of how they view you is based on their filter(s).
Given this, while some may mean well, I encourage you to hit the reset button when you feel uncomfortable or if someone is making assumptions or judgments about you that do not ring true or are not said in love.
Remember, you always have a choice in what you accept as valid or worthy of your attention and energy.
And, I know I say this often but it really helps when you accept that you’re absolutely beautiful, imperfectly perfect, and worthy of all the love that the Universe provides. Love is your birthright.
While you cannot control others nor force them to provide love to you all the time, you can choose to accept that love from yourself, namely driven by making conscious decisions to go towards love.

I felt incredibly love for myself when I chose to hit the reset button and then follow another path of conversation that challenged the assumptions in the initial question.

So remember that you have the option to hit the reset button. Feel empowered in shifting away from your automatic responses. Become empowered to question assumptions and stand up for yourself. Rock on, my love! =)