Yesterday's Solar Eclipse

The Solar Eclipse

Yesterday, the moon passed between the Sun and Earth, resulting in a solar eclipse. Millions of people took time to observe and enjoy the moment. People came together - not based on being for or against something or in protest or solidarity - but to share in a moment, where we acknowledged the vastness of the Universe and world outside of ourselves. 

We all focused on one thing - and did not judge it as good or bad - but just observed it. That was beautiful - and I hope you join me in continuing to work to build that vibe on Earth. 

Many ask me, what is cosmic energy transmissions? Well, now you have all experienced it by being on Earth during the Solar Eclipse. Yesterday, tremendously powerful waves of energy came down to Earth. We are given a turbo-boost of energy to break through our mind-fucks, ego (with little e), and sh*t, to evolve and progress to a better version of ourselves. 

We all have things that we know are blocking our progress toward. It could be, to provide a few examples, the need to always be right, to be acknowledged as the smartest, prettiest, etc. (add any other kind of -est") in the room, etc. With this eclipse, you're provided with a moment to explore this within yourself - and state what you wish to release from you and your life. 

Here's how you can identify what you may want to work on. If someone pisses you off, even if they are admittedly really annoying, there is something in you that is triggered by them. They sometimes are very similar to you - though obviously in different shades and degrees, or the opposite. Regardless, they are there in your life to give you an opportunity to recognize more of yourself - what are your buttons / triggers? What gets your ego aroused? What makes you angry, pissed, frustrated, annoyed?

It's time to be honest with yourself - face the shadows within yourself, the ugly that you don't want to see - and give yourself an opportunity to just observe it, without judgment. Acknowledge it, accept it as part of you, and then become aware of when it surfaces. Lastly, allow yourself the potential to change / shift that out of your life. 

The Universe is funny as when you decide to change, it provides you many opportunities to do so (for good or bad). For example, my intention is to let go of my need to be right (I used to be a litigator and can see why many people don't like lawyers... =p). Of course, along came people who pushed my buttons. It was easy for me to label and judge them, to distance myself from the tension between us - but in doing so, I would miss an opportunity for growth within myself and to release karma, which is attachment to the struggles in which we still engage (which, in my case, includes my need to be right). 

We have a wonderful opportunity to shift out of our bullsh*t (for some of you, it may feel like a swamp of bullsh*t) and to create a new life for ourselves where we feel free, refreshed, and joyful. Let's allow this wonderful cosmic energy to help us shift out. But as we have free will, we need to do something as well to move our progress along. Even just one little step - such as acknowledgement, makes a big difference. Each journey becomes and continues one step at a time. Namaste.