Clearing space

I used to be horribly messy. Case in point, years ago, my landlord thought I had been burglarized because my apartment looked ransacked. (I explained that I was studying for the LSATs so too preoccupied to clean.)

I since have converted to the clean side – primarily from the mostly gentle urging of my tidy husband – but still can relate to the difficulty of keeping tidy and clean.

Marie Kondo, organizer extraordinaire, provides excellent tips on how to turn messy houses into homes that *spark joy* (the title of her new book). Specifically, she encourages us to keep only those items that *spark joy* in us. I encourage us to do the same in our spiritual houses.

I recently had a vision of a house representing my soul. I felt called to explore the deep crevasses of the house's attic, going to the dark, scary places with cobwebs all around to clear the dusty, sealed boxes that I had hidden there because I did not want to deal with them.

The boxes contained deep hurts, such as feeling not loved and unlovable, rejected by close friends and family, and all the sadness and disappointment that go along with those feelings.

Even though I had to face those painful emotions again when I opened and cleared the boxes, I knew that I must clear out this space to make room for something new – something that actually *sparks joy* in me. I could see that if I continued to ignore this place in my house, shielding myself from even looking there, I may miss the opportunity to fix a small issue – such as a tiny leak – that, if not addressed, could morph into a larger problem.

Similar to how the process of organizing requires us to pull out everything we own and sort through them to determine what we keep and what we throw out, organizing and tidying our soul often require us to pull out many things that we have kept hidden. It first gets messy before it gets organized and clean. 

It is easy to avoid those dusty boxes in the attic. I know I did by throwing myself into work, indulging in alcoholic drinks and Crumbs cupcakes, and many other strategies – including projecting my problems, hiding behind misdirected anger, and berating myself while feeling helpless.

I challenge us this week to be open to clearing out the things that do not serve us. Even merely having this intention will help us uncover what is in those hidden boxes (it may come up via a memory or emotion or through situations similar to the one in the box) and provide us with strength to do the actual clearing. 

I actually had a vision of one particular person clearing out an entire room of hurt feelings about her mother – and then later on, joyfully redecorating that room with her mother, making it beautiful for many other people to enjoy, including her children (i.e., her mother’s grandchildren). How beautiful is that image? The vision helped me realize that this reorganizing is helpful for so many other people in our lives, not just for us.

It is hard to open these boxes alone, and it's wise to get support during this process. As Arcturian healing and exploring the Akashic records have really helped me through this process, I would love to work with you with these spiritual tools, to help you through the process of clearing those things that no longer serve you.