Just Be You

There is no one quite like you, and as Marie Forleo, life coach extraordinaire, always states, “The world needs that special gift that only you have.

To more easily hone in on and then share our special gifts, we need to tune into who we are. Many of us, though, get bogged down trying to fulfill a certain role or meet certain expectations that we lose track of who we really are – or put another way, we stop feeling the connection to our essential self.

I had an “aha moment” (or in my case, a “wah moment”) a few weeks ago. I realized that in trying to fulfill the role of “good wife,” I compromised my own voice.

My "wah moment" actually stemmed from a fairly mundane situation. While on vacation, my husband offered to let me pick what we did for an entire day; I had free reign to choose. Even so, I felt pressure to find something that we both would enjoy.

What I really wanted to do was lounge around our hotel room watching bad TV and then stroll around town, buying little knick-knacks - but I didn't think he wanted to do this. So instead, I suggested that we go to a museum and then hike the paths near the museum because I was somewhat interested in going to the museum and thought that my husband wanted to hike.

Things did not go as planned. We could not find the museum and as we drove around, I started to feel resentful. I blamed my husband for forcing me to do these activities. But after some reflection, I realized that I had only myself to blame. I was trying so hard to please him that I suggested something that I later found out neither of us particularly wanted to do.

At that point, I started to cry. I began crying for all the times that I forced myself to be or act a certain way because I thought that was what I needed to do or be to be loved and accepted. I had put pressure on myself to do what I thought all “good wives” should do (replace “wives” with any of the following that apply to you:  girl, boy, man, woman, spouse, friend, mother, father, daughter, son, employee, student, etc.).

I finally saw all the pressure that I placed on myself. I saw how easily my expectations of how I should act to foster a loving relationship with my husband, easily morphed into feeling resentment towards him. Meanwhile, all he wanted to do was make me happy and do what brought me joy.

My Arcturian healing teacher, Gene Ang, teaches that “[o]ne of the first secrets of successful manifestation is to come from a place of abundance” or put another way, coming from a place of knowing that “[y]ou are already good enough.”

In applying this teaching, I see that I am good enough to be loved and accepted. I am good enough to speak my truth and state my wants and desires. 

Thus, this week, I encourage you to just be you and know that you are more than enough (for anything)!

You can strengthen your connection with yourself by asking: What do I want? What is important to me? What special gifts do I have to share? What makes me feel joy? What sparks my interest? 

Also, you can state the following affirmations:

  • I love and accept myself unconditionally.
  • I am worthy of all the love, riches, and abundance the Universe provides.
  • I am f*ing beautiful!
  • I walk through the world with ease and grace.

I hope you use this powerful energy from the Summer Solstice / Full Moon combo to reconnect with your essential self and explore the immense beauty of your soul!