Grounding Exercise

Grounding is the process of anchoring yourself to the Earth, which increases your feeling of stability and being centered. There are many techniques on how to center yourself, including by walking barefoot on the grass or visualizing yourself connecting with the center of the Earth. 


Here's a video with a guided grounding meditation:

In addition, here is a step-by-step process on how to ground yourself.

  • Take a moment to just be in a quiet place.
  • Focus on your breath (observe 3 breaths, moving in and out of your body)
  • Imagine a sphere connected to the base of your spine (@ your root chakra) spinning clockwise; then see the spin increasing in speed
  • Once spin feels at maximal speed, set intention to "stabilize speed," then imagine a huge tree's roots growing from the sphere
  • See the tree roots travel down to Earth's core and then grow around the core of the Earth
  • Set your intention to drop all energies that do not serve you, to the Earth's center + feel Earth's healing energy surge up to you

Note, you can ground yourself by using similar imagery, such as imagining yourself sitting on top of a mountain and then dropping a cord to the center of the Earth, dropping an anchor of a ship to the center of the Earth, having a cord dropped down from you to the center of the Earth, you being in Niagara Falls and feeling waterfalls going through you and to the center of the Earth, etc.