Currently, Sera is on a break and not offering any services. If, however, you are still interested in learning about the services she has offered, please feel free to explore below. In addition, Please feel free to join Sera’s newsletter (which you can do at the bottom of this website), to keep informed. Thanks for visiting!


Sera is excited to share with you the same spiritual tools that have helped her tremendously! Discover for yourself how these tools can help catapult you to the next level of your evolution - including by empowering you to let go of all that does not serve you. See below for more information:  

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Services Offered

AKASHIC RECORDS  Previously, only the spiritual elite had access to the Akashic records, which is the energetic imprint of all that has ever occurred in time and space. Sera is thrilled to offer you access to this amazingly powerful once-secret. The Akashic records are like the universe's internet, and an Akashic consultation is similar to having access to a juiced-up Google, where you can gain information to help you release negative energies and add more joy and peace into your life. (Click here to learn more.)

ENERGY WORK – Many of us often feel energy around us, such as sensing fear on a plane during turbulence or the buzz in the air at a concert before a star comes onstage. Sera works, on a deep level, with your particular energy to help accelerate your growth and evolution. Her work is based on the incredible teachings of Dr. Gene Ang (Yale Ph.D. in neuroscience; Arcturian Healing Method). (Click here to learn more.)  

BREAKING AGREEMENTS – We all hold onto agreements (or narratives) of how things "should be," even those that contradict reality. Sera can lead you through a process to let go of and release agreements that do not serve you.

GROUNDING – Grounding is the process of strengthening your connection to Mother Earth and Nature, to increase your feeling of stability and being centered.

MEDITATION / MINDFULNESS / AFFIRMATIONS – Learn how to utilize powerful spiritual practices (such as meditation, mindfulness, and affirmations) to strengthen your ability to relax, connect more deeply with your body, and quiet the chatter of your mind.


A Typical Hour Session

Energy Work:  5-10 minutes

It's easy - you don't need to do anything as Sera works on your energy. After ~5 minutes, Sera will share any insights or messages that arose.  (Click here to learn more about this energy work.)

ACCESSING YOUR Akashic Records:  50-55 MINUTES

Once your Akashic records are open, you can begin asking any questions you wish. Sera will then address your questions, utilizing the information she receives from your Akashic records. This process is interactive (unlike a typical tarot card or fortune teller readings), and you are encouraged to ask follow-up questions to delve deeper into any topics. (Click here to learn how to prepare for the Akashic records portion of the session.)

In addition, when appropriate, Sera will utilize her other offerings (e.g., meditation, breaking agreements, grounding).  

  • Remote / phone - All sessions are done remotely via phone, FaceTime, or Skype.

  • No Alcohol / Recreational Drugs 24-hours prior - Please refrain from drinking alcohol or partaking in recreational drugs at least 24 hours before the consultation.

  • Check out 'What People Are Saying' by clicking here.

  • Confidentiality / Respect - Of course, everything discussed during your consultation is confidential and treated with utmost respect.